The bustling metropolis of Türkiye, is a city full of charm, where the past goes hand in hand with the present and every step brings to light a relic of times gone by. At the crossroads of two continents - Europe and Asia - this spectacular city has absorbed the best of both worlds.With its beautiful historic landmarks, quintessential cuisine, vibrant nightlife, festivals of art and music, celebration of faith, labyrinths of marketplaces and shopping arcades, the beating heart of İstanbul, and the soul of Bosphorus under the watchful eye of the Maiden's Tower is a traveller's dream.

Things to do / Places to eat @Istanbul

On the map below, you can find the top attractions, historical sites, museums and as well as the best restraurants of Istanbul.

In Istanbul, one does not only find best interpretations of the Turkish/Anatolian cousine but also various fusion kitchens as well. Unlike the general stereotype, Anatolian cousine consists various dishes than kebab in whose herbs, legumes and vegetables are combined in harmony.

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