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RECOMB 2011 is the fifteenth in a series of well-established scientific conferences bridging the areas of computational, mathematical, and biological sciences. The conference features keynote talks by preeminent scientists in the life sciences, together with presentations of refereed research papers in computational biology.

The conference series aims at attracting research contributions in all areas of computational molecular biology, including: molecular sequence analysis; recognition of genes and regulatory elements; molecular evolution; protein structure; structural genomics; analysis of gene expression; biological networks; sequencing and genotyping technologies; drug design; probabilistic and combinatorial algorithms; systems biology; computational proteomics; structural and functional genomics; information systems for computational biology and imaging.

The origins of the conference are in the mathematical and computational side of the field, and there remains a certain focus on computational advances. However, the effective applications of computational techniques to achieve biological innovation remains a central aspect of the conference.

The RECOMB Conference Series was founded in 1997 to provide a scientific forum for theoretical advances in computational biology and their applications in molecular biology and medicine. Previous RECOMB conferentes were held at:

  • RECOMB 2010 Lisbon, Portugal
  • RECOMB 2009 Tucson, AZ, USA
  • RECOMB 2008 Singapore
  • RECOMB 2007 San Francisco, CA, USA
  • RECOMB 2006 Venice, Italy
  • RECOMB 2005 Cambridge, MA, USA
  • RECOMB 2004 San Diego, California, USA
  • RECOMB 2003 Berlin, Germany
  • RECOMB 2002 Washington, DC, USA
  • RECOMB 2001 Montreal, Canada
  • RECOMB 2000 Tokyo, Japan
  • RECOMB 1999 Lyon, France
  • RECOMB 1998 New York, NY, USA
  • RECOMB 1997 Santa Fe, NM, USA

RECOMB 2011 is organized by SFU. The organizers are pleased to welcome the attendees to beautiful Vancouver.

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