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Submission 214: Meng-Ru Ho, Kuo-Wang Tsai and Wen-Chang Lin. Pseudo? Regulation of Young Duplicated Genes in Human
Submission 217: Bruno Zeitouni, Valentina Boeva, Andrei Zinovyev, Kevin Bleakley, Isabelle Janoueix-Lerosey, Sophie Loeillet, Patricia Legoix-Ne, Alain Nicolas, Olivier Delattre and Emmanuel Barillot. SVDetect - FREEC: two complementary tools for the detection of genomic structural variants from deep sequencing data
Submission 222: Xiaolin Hao, Rui Jiang and Ting Chen. CROP: Clustering 16S rRNA for OTU Prediction
Submission 224: Matthew D. Whiteside, Matthew R. Laird and Fiona S. L. Brinkman. Ortholuge: a tool for precise, high-throughput prediction of orthologs
Submission 225: Daron Standley, Taeho Kim, Takashi Mino, Alexis Vandenbon, Yutaka Suzuki and Osamu Takeuchi. An Integrated Approach to RNA Regulatory Motif Discovery
Submission 228: Dennis Wang, Augusto Rendon and Lorenz Wernisch. Cis-regulatory binding predicts gene expression across human tissues.
Submission 231: Yaron Butterfield, Olena Morozova, Alexandra Maslova, Michael Blough, Suganthi Chittaranjan, Jennifer Chan, Nina Thiessen, Richard Varhol, Yongjun Zhao, Martin Hirst, Richard Corbett, Stephen Yip, Gregory Cairncross and Marco Marra. Integrative genomic and transcriptome analysis of oligodendroglioma using next generation sequencing technology
Submission 232: Uri Weingart, Erez Persi and David Horn. Specific Peptides Facilitate Metagenomic Analysis
Submission 235: Sandra Smieszek, Paul Devlin and Alberto Paccana. Towards a programming code of circadian clock in plants
Submission 236: Murray Patterson. The Gapped Consecutive-Ones Property
Submission 237: Jung Eun Shim and Insuk Lee. Network-guided prediction of function-driven domains
Submission 238: Annika Kreuchwig, Gunnar Kleinau, Franziska Kreuchwig, Catherine L. Worth and Gerd Krause. Interactive online toolbox for sequence-structure-function analysis based on comprehensive mutation data
Submission 239: Kevin Silverstein, Kenneth Beckman, Matthew Bower, Kari Bunjer, Matthew Schomaker, Teresa Kemmer, Lisa Schimmenti, Sophia Yohe, Randolph Peterson, Amy Karger, Monika Roychowdhury and Bharat Thyagarajan. Optimization of Bait Selection for Sequence Capture Arrays
Submission 240: Ting Gong, Nicole Hartmann, Isaac Kohane, Volker Brinkmann, Bolan Linghu, Frank Staedtler, Martin Letzkus and Joseph Szustakowski. Computational Deconvolution  of Complex Transcriptomics Data from Clinical Trials
Submission 242: Francesca Cordero, Daniele Manini, Andras Horvath and Gianfranco Balbo. Simplification of a complex signal transduction model by the application of invariants and flow equivalent server
Submission 244: Ying Zhang, Mark Romanish and Dixie Mager. Finding Transposon-Sensitive Zones in Mammalian Introns
Submission 245: Amin Emad, Wei Dai and Olgica Milenkovic. Protein-protein interaction prediction using non-linear matrix completion methods
Submission 248: Jea Woon Ryu, Byeol Na Park, Sung Jin Cho, Jun Ho Park, Jae Soo Yoo and Hak Yong Kim. Identification of putative domains that suppress cancer cell growth from cancer target proteins
Submission 250: Byeol Na Park, Sung Jin Cho, Jun Ho Park, Jae Soo Yoo and Hak Yong Kim. Transcriptional regulation of cancer-related target proteins based on microRNAs
Submission 251: Jurgen F. Nijkamp, Marcel A. Van Den Broek, Marcel J.T. Reinders, Jean-Marc Daran and Dick De Ridder. Whole genome sequencing, assembly and annotation of the Saccharomyces cerevisiae strain CEN.PK 113-7D
Submission 253: Ratna Prabha, Dhananjaya Pratap Singh, Alok Srivastava and Dilip Arora. Codon selection pattern in Thermosynechococcus elongatus genome
Submission 254: Yves Gagnon, Mathieu Blanchette and Nadia El-Mabrouk. Evolution by Whole Genome Duplication
Submission 256: Florian Hahne, Remi Terranova, Jonathan Moggs, Olivier Grenet and David Heard. Locus-specific DNA methylation analysis via amplicon deep sequencing
Submission 257: Andrew Parker, Karl Griswold and Chris Bailey-Kellogg. Functional deimmunization of therapeutic proteins by IP^2 (Integer Programming for Immunogenic Proteins)
Submission 258: Ole Schulz-Trieglaff, Matthew Hims, Niall Gormley, Geoffrey Smith and Dirk Evers. Assembling whole genomes using Illumina mate pair reads
Submission 259: Patrick Schmid, Nathan Palmer, Isaac Kohane and Bonnie Berger. Building Large-Scale Gene Expression Classification Databases Using Active Learning
Submission 260: Alex Pankov, Raymond Cavalcante, Daniel Dewoskin, Rob Scharein, Catherine Park, Mariel Vazquez and Javier Arsuaga. Using Computational Algebraic Topology to Characterize Chromosomal Instability in Cancer
Submission 262: Richard Varhol, Tina Wong, Irene Li, Margret Asgeirsdottir, Yaron Butterfield, Richard Corbett, Anthony Fejes, Greg Stazyk, Inanc Birol and Steven Jones. An Integrated Database And Viewer For Tracking Illumina and SOLiD Sequencing and Analysis
Submission 263: Saman Vaisipour, Russell Greiner, David Wishart, Meysam Bastani and Chun-Nam Yu. Learning Predictors by Integrating Multiple Microarray Datasets
Submission 264: Heesun Shin, Mandeep Takhar, Zsuzsanna Hollander, Janet Wilson-Mcmanus, Raymond Ng, Robert Balshaw, Paul Keown, Robert Mcmaster, Bruce Mcmanus and Scott Tebbutt. Exploratory multivariate analysis of peripheral whole blood gene expression data in organ transplantation
Submission 266: Elena Peterson, Jeffrey Jensen, Hyunjoo Walker, Alexandra Schrimpe-Rutledge, Lee Ann Mccue, Samuel Payne, Joshua Adkins and Bobbie-Jo Webb-Robertson. A Visualization and Evaluation Platform to Facilitate Prokaryotic Proteogenomic data analysis - VESPA
Submission 268: Eugene Bolotin, Karthikeyani Chelappa, Wendy Hwang-Verslues, Chuhu Yang and Frances Sladek. HNF4A Transcription Factor Binding Sequences are Widespread in Alu Repeats
Submission 270: Jason Wong, Luke Hesson, Mathew Sloane, John Pimanda, Michael Bourke, Nicholas Hawkins and Robyn Ward. Computational identification of universal alterations in DNA methylation and nucleosome positioning in a matched normal/tumor sample
Submission 271: Samuel Handelman, Js Verducci, Jj Kwiek, Sb Kumar and Da Janies. GENPHEN: Genotype/Phenotype Association with Reference to Phylogeny
Submission 272: Sharon Bruckner, Tim Conrad and Christof Schuette. Understanding biological networks with the random walker's perspective
Submission 274: Jocelyne Bruand, Theodore Alexandrov, Srinivas Sistla, Maxence Wisztorski, Céline Meriaux, Michael Becker, Michel Salzet, Isabelle Fournier, Eduardo Macagno and Vineet Bafna. Exploring MS Imaging Data in a semi-supervised and interactive manner.
Submission 280: Andrew Roth, Samuel Aparicio and Sohrab Shah. Detecting Somatic Mutation In Tumour/Normal Paired Sample Sequence Data
Submission 285: Seokjong Yu, Junho Park, Jihee Lee, Jongtae Lim, Weiwei Bao, Mikyoung Kim, Hyunju Kim, Mirim Jo, Jeawoon Ryu, Hakyong Kim and Jaesoo Yoo. ezBioNet: a Modeling and Simulation System for Biological Reaction Networks
Submission 287: Seokjong Yu, Junho Park, Jihee Lee, Jongtae Lim, Weiwei Bao, Mikyoung Kim, Hyunju Kim, Mirim Jo and Jaesoo Yoo. A Simulation for the G-Protein Coupled Receptor Signaling Model
Submission 288: Junho Park, Seokjong Yu, Jihee Lee, Jongtae Lim, Weiwei Bao, Mikyoung Kim, Hyunju Kim, Mirim Jo, Jeawoon Ryu, Hakyong Kim and Jaesoo Yoo. Design and Implementation of a Protein and Disease Retrieval Services System Based on Integrated Databases
Submission 290: Yilong Li, Eevi Kaasinen, Miika Mehine, Taru Koski and Lauri A. Aaltonen. Genetic changes associated with uterine leiomyoma
Submission 293: Vicky Choi, Chunfang Zheng and David Sankoff. Maximal Strip Recovery based on Interval Graphs
Submission 294: Markus Bauer, Anthony Cox and Dirk Evers. Comparison of BWT Construction Algorithms for Very Large Read Collections
Submission 295: Aurora Cain, Adam Price, Shatavia Morrison, Robert Kosara and Cynthia Gibas. Visualization-Driven Analytical System for Comparative Microbial Genomics
Submission 296: Charlotte Ng, Susanna Cooke, Kevin Howe, Scott Newman and James Brenton. Genomic instability and evolution in high-grade serous ovarian cancers
Submission 297: Xianlong Wang, Dongqing Huang, Chenwei Lin, Brian Piening, Amanda Paulovich and Pei Wang. A DNA Copy Number Co-deletion Network Identifies Genetic Interactions
Submission 298: Jonas Paulsen and Eivind Hovig. Computational aspects of three-dimensional genomics
Submission 299: Joseph Herman, Ádám Novák, Rune Lyngsø and Jotun Hein. Efficient calculation of a representative multiple sequence alignment from posterior samples
Submission 301: Damian Wójtowicz, Fedor Kouzine, Arito Yamane, Craig J. Benham, Rafael Casellas, David Levens and Teresa M. Przytycka. Genome-wide mapping and computational analysis of non-B DNA structures in vivo
Submission 305: Steve Goldstein and David Schwartz. De Bruijn graph assembly for optical maps
Submission 306: Stale Nygard, Trond Reitan, Trevor Clancy, Vegard Nygaard, Johannes Bjørnstad, Biljana Skrbic, Theis Tønnessen, Geir Christensen and Eivind Hovig. Identifying pathogenic signaling and regulatory networks by integrating microarray data with prior knowledge
Submission 307: Allen Chen, Christopher Lin, Janet Luo, Jack Chen, Joy Chen, Eleanor Wong, Javier Arsuaga, Mariel Vazquez, Caoan Wang and Rainer Sachs. Neanderthal sharing haplotypes and gene flow in modern humans
Submission 308: Erin E. Gill, Geoff L. Winsor, Matthew R. Laird, Karin Breuer, Shannan J. Ho Sui, Nancy Y. Yu, Raymond Lo, Robert E. Hancock, David J. Lynn and Fiona S. L. Brinkman. Computational Approaches and Tools for Infectious Disease Bioinformatics
Submission 309: Bonnie Kirkpatrick and Kristian Stevens. Efficiently Constructing Phylogenies from Partial Characters
Submission 311: Andrew T. Kwon, David J. Arenillas, Rebecca Hunt Newbury and Wyeth W. Wasserman. Evolutionarily Conserved Regulatory Programs
Submission 312: Nitin Udpa, Dan Zhou, Gabriel Haddad and Vineet Bafna. Exploring Tests of Selection in Pooled Data
Submission 313: Rebecca Hunt Newbury, David J. Arenillas, Andrew T. Kwon and Wyeth W. Wasserman. Beware of genomic nucleotide composition while hunting transcription factor binding sites in ChIP-based experiments
Submission 314: Fong Chun Chan, Sanja Rogic and Randy Gascoyne. Detection of Differential Splicing Between Two Groups Using Gene Expression Arrays
Submission 315: Sandhya Balasubramanian, Dinnanath Sulakhe, Eduardo Berrocal, Conrad Gilliam and Natalia Maltsev. Analysis of complex disorders from the systems biology perspective.
Submission 317: Mahdi Belcaid, Guylaine Poisson, David Schanzenbach and Kyungim Baek. Inferring Hierarchical Population Structure through a Consensus of Significant Evolutionary Events
Submission 320: Yaron Butterfield, Richard Corbett, Steven J.M. Jones and Inanc Birol. Post analysis of SNV calls:  Annotating, filtering and quality assessment
Submission 322: Christine Lo, Nitin Udpa and Vineet Bafna. Haplotype Phasing with Single Genome Amplification
Submission 323: Bhavjinder K. Dhillon, Shannan J. Ho Sui, Jennifer L. Gardy, Robert C. Brunham, Patrick Tang and Fiona S.L. Brinkman. Bioinformatics Approaches for Analyzing Short-Read Illumina Sequences of Whole Mycobacterium tuberculosis Genomes from an Outbreak
Submission 327: Virginie Bernard, David J. Arenillas, Dimas Yusus and Wyeth W. Wasserman. Exome and genome analyses: Prioritizing the variant calling
Submission 329: Chris Fjell, Jennifer Tan, Matt Mayer and Robert Hancock. MetaGEX: a systems biology meta-analysis toolkit and data repository with web server interface
Submission 331: Dariusz Przybylski, Iain Maccallum, Sante Gnerre, Filipe J. Ribeiro, Joshua N. Burton, Bruce J. Walker, Ted Sharpe, Giles Hall, Terrance P. Shea, Sean Sykes, Aaron M. Berlin, Daniel Aird, Maura Costello, Riza Daza, Louise Williams, Robert Nicol, Andreas Gnirke, Chad Nusbaum, Eric S. Lander and David B. Jaffe. High-quality draft assemblies of large and small genomes from massively parallel DNA sequence data
Submission 332: Shengsheng Zhang, Shib Basu, Mikyong Lee, David Acland, Judith Bowler, Kathryn Brocklehurst, Steve Elvidge, Philip Green, Peter Kilby, Elaine Mackay, Jo Mattocks, John Ray and Ravi Tailor. Protein Modeling and Engineering Increased Pepsin Susceptibility into a Heat-Tolerant Variant of Escherichia coli Phytase
Submission 333: Hang He and Huangdong Meng. A Novel Data Mining Approach for Detecting the Mutated Peptides
Submission 334: Christopher Bun and Catherine Putonti. Performing Phylogenomic Analysis on Unassembled Short-Read Genome Sequences
Submission 336: Layla Oesper, Sarah Aerni, Ryan Drebin and Benjamin J. Raphael. Reconstructing Cancer Genome Organization from Paired End Sequencing
Submission 337: Mai Hamdalla, David Grant, Sanguthevar Rajasekaran, Reda Ammar and Dennis Hill. Efficient Prediction of Biological Structures from Molecular Formulas
Submission 339: Lucas Swanson, Inanc Birol, S Cenk Sahinalp, Gordon Robertson, Karen Mungall, Readman Chiu, Shaun Jackman, Jenny Qian, Sam Lee, Deniz Yorukoglu, Rong She, Yongjun Zhao, Richard Moore, Marco Marra, Steven Jm Jones, Aly Karsan and Pamela Hoodless. Detecting Chimeric Transcripts in RNA-seq Data




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